MAD Magazine #444

MAD Magazine #444 • USA • 1st Edition - New York
1st Edition - New York
August 2004
Exclusive! Spider Man 2 Missing Scenes and much more!
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Table of Contents

Random Samplings of Reader Mail

Department: Letters and Tomatoes

Page: 2

The Fundalini Pages: "Initial steps by the US Government to improve conditions at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison", "If Peter Parker had been bitten by other radioactive creatures", "Personal ad of the month", "Bitterman", "The Godfrey Report", "The cover we didn't use", "Celebrity cause-of-death betting odds: Paris Hilton", "Graphic Novel Review: The Incredi-man", "New Technology culled from downed alie

Department: Random Acts of Mindless

Author: Tom Bunk Author: Desmond Devlin Author: Don Edwing Author: Ray Alma Author: Jack Syracuse Author: Gary Hallgreen Author: Scott Bricher Author: John Caldwell Author: P.C. Vey Author: Jeff Kruse Author: Scott Maiko Author: Steve Rosso Author: Garth Gerhart Author: Tom Cheney Author: Mike Snider Author: Patrick Merrel

Page: 8

Las Vaguest ( Las Vegas Parody)

Department: Casino Evil

Artist: Mort Drucker Writer: Charlie Kadau

Page: 12

MAD's heroically-awful Spider-man 2 outtakes

Department: Tobey or not tobey

Page: 18

Only a democratcould possibly believe...

Department: Tenets, Anyone? Part 1

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr. Writer: Russ Cooper

Page: 20

Monroe and... Europe (Part 1)

Department: Angster's Paradise

Artist: Bill Wray Writer: Anthony Barbieri

Page: 22

The last supper

Department: A MAD Ad Poster

Artist: Richard Williams

Page: 26

A cell phone-camera Geek's photo album

Department: A picture is worth a thousand nerds

Artist: Drew Friedman Writer: Mike Snider

Page: 28

Spider-Man has a bad week

Department: Taking one day at a climb

Artist: Kevin Pope Writer: Arie Kaplan

Page: 31

You know a Rapper's gone soft when...

Department: Wimpin' ain't easy

Writer: Joe Raiola Artist: Hermann Mejia

Page: 32

A MAD look at Space Exploration

Department: Serge-In General

Artist, Writer: Sergio Aragonés

Page: 34

Only a republican clould possibly believe...

Department: Tenets, anyone? Part 2

Artist: Paul Coker, Jr. Writer: Russ Cooper

Page: 38

Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

Department: All Jaffee

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee Colorist: Wildstorm

Page: 40

Duke Bissell's Tales of undisputed interest

Department: The Wizard of Odd

Artist, Writer: P.C. Vey

Page: 43

How to think like a Superstar

Department: Pompous and Circumstance

Artist: Bob Staake Writer: Barry Liebmann

Page: 44

Spy vs.Spy

Department: Joka and Dagger

Artist, Writer: Peter Kuper

Page: 46

From the case files of Wanda Goldstein Flenkman: Pet Psychologist

Department: It's 'splaining cats and dogs

Artist, Writer: Teresa Burns Parkhurst

Page: 48

Pet Peeves of Spider-Man's girlfriend

Department: Insects and the single girl

Artist, Writer: John Caldwell

Page: 50

MAD Fold-In

Artist, Writer: Al Jaffee

Page: 53